Saturday, June 23, 2018


Daily Verse

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her, so that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word,  
Ephesians 5:25-26

Looking for a social network that reflects your faith?

You and your staff will feel at home on Christian Local with powerful profile and group features with extensive privacy controls. Find, meet and interact with other Christians in your states member list. Christian Local's new profile gallery makes it easy to share your content.Create Multiple media albums! Upload and Share Photos Videos, Music and Files with Christian Local’s all new Media Gallery. Group albums by media, time, place or whatever you want the choice is up to you! All entries show up on your activity stream.

  • Photos - Image files are uploaded and can be grouped into albums. Each photo thumbnail is clickable to pop up a full image.
  • Videos - Videos can be uploaded or linked to existing youtube videos. Each video thumbnail is clickable to start playback.
  • Music - Upload audio files and create your own song albums. Music icon is clickable to start music playback.
  • Files - Upload and share your files. Files can be grouped in albums and clicking on a thumbnail file image will download the file or open it for browsing.

Christian Local Profilebook-with Guestbook, Blog And Wall Discussions

  • Guest Book - Visitors to your profile can sign your guestbook and vice-a-versa. The Profile owner gets a notification email for new entries and can comment below each entry.
  • Profile Blogs - ProfileBook Blog lets you and your staff post blog entries on your profiles.
  • Profile Wall Discussions - ProfileBook Wall lets visitors and profile owners post in common area and engage in discussions.
  • Christian Local Activity Stream- Interactive walls where you and your staff can share your thoughts and blessings and engage in online discussions through comments and it includes an interactive stream.

Claim And Update Your Non-Profit Directory Listing

Your Christian Local directory listing allows new visitors to learn about your non-profit christian ministry, the values upon which it was founded, and the mission for which it exists. It details your vision,your sense of calling that melds meeting others' needs with hope, willingness and determination.Update your listing through a full featured administration page.

Take Your Non-Profit Christian Ministry To The Next Social Level With Online Fellowship Groups

Online Fellowship Groups will empower your staff to interact, socialize and expand your donor base by inviting new friends to your group. Group members share a common wall, photos, videos, files, events and even have private forum areas. Stream your group happenings to your Christian Local Activity stream. Each group has its own video sharing tab where group members can link their youtube videos for other group members to see and playback directly from the group area. Authorized members can schedule group events for other members to join. Each event has its own start date/time, duration, and Google map powered location.

Powerful Online Crowdfunding With Give Local

Christian Local offers a powerful crowdfunding feature that enables your Non-Profit to create fund-raising campaigns; accept donations and keep your donors updated on the project’s progress.No one likes being cold-called by an organization and asked for money. But most people especially christians and the kind-hearted do want to help non-profits with christ centered ministries. The rise of online fundraising has completely transformed how nonprofits are reaching new donors and supporters and the amount of support raised through online giving continues to increase every year. If your non-profits organization is relying on letters, face-to-face visits, and telephone calls, and the expense of fundraising is not achiving the expected roi try Christian Locals cost-effective digital crowdfunding solution. Christian Locals fundraising feature will empower one time donors to become lifelong partners.

Direct Mail Marketing

Are you worried about new donor acquisition? Christian Local has the tools you need to boost your donor acquisition strategy.

Reach your ideal audience with a highly targeted nonprofit mailing list. Planning your future direct mail marketing campaigns has never been easier with Christian Local's online list count and order system. This powerful system allows you to build your future donor list from scratch and order it within minutes.Christian Local offers precise audience targeting with many demographic selects, behavioral interests, life events and property ownership to name just a few. You simply enter your geographic footprint boundaries, select the criteria that describe your target consumer audience, and place your order.

Christian Local's online list count and order system features:

  • Define geography of your search with multiple selections including radius (or neighborhood) search, drive time radius, and many more.
  • Narrow your search with a widest range of additional selections (consumer, business, demographic, and so on).
  • Upload your search criteria in bulk.
  • Eliminate unwanted records by suppressing previous searches, orders, or your own suppression files.
  • Combine searches and eliminate duplicate records.
  • Break down your search by various criteria.
  • Intelligently cut back records in a search.
  • Append various data to your order file and adjust its layout.
  • Apply postal presort and walk sequence to qualify for USPS bulk mail discounts.
  • Keep track of your searches and orders, share them with other users, rerun orders, group your searches into categories, and combine your orders into campaigns.
  • Use time-saving features, for example, create a list of favorite selections, copy information from previous orders when you place an order, and so on.
  • Take advantage of various data analytic services enabling users to get a critical insight of their current customers, their target audience and order data more intelligently.

Access our List Count and Order System Here



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