Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her, so that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word,  
Ephesians 5:25-26

Christian Local offers direct marketing data and data related services with a wide range of choices to help our mailer clients zero-in on the most appropriate target.

  • Consumer Mailing List - All Consumers selectable by various demographic and behavioral interest fitlers.
  • Resident Occupant - Simply every delivery point within the U.S.
  • Donors - Donors and contributors to a variety of appeals.
  • Religious Consumers - Consumers selectable by denomination.

Consumer Mailing List

Comprehensive Consumer Database with Consumer Mailing List Demographics, Behavior Interests and Predictive Buyers

Christian Local's Consumer Mailing List data can help you target consumers through key demographic and behavioral interest selects. It is easily accessible online, highly deliverable, and is the most comprehensive and accurate consumer database available.

Our most popular consumer selects:

  • Demographic Selects
  • Behavioral Interests
  • Life Event
  • Property Ownership

Resident Occupant List

Saturation, Walk-Sequence with Complete Coverage and Maximum Postal Discount

Christian Local's Residential Mailing List (a.k.a. Res/Occ mailing list) is a saturation level, carrier route walk-sequence database. The fully saturated postal carrier routes of this database allow you to qualify for the lowest postal rates and saturate a given geographic market.

The Most Postal-Cost-Effective Mailing Available- This database is ideal for mailers who want to penetrate and saturate an entire community at the lowest possible price. Mailers who are building foot-traffic into a brick-and-mortor location, such as a grocery store, benefit most using this type of list. They get their message to each and every single delivery point while doing so in the most postal cost effective manner.

Resident Occupant Personalization- The Res/Occ Database traditionally does not include a personal name on each record. The name space reads “Current Resident.” Mailers have the option to add personal names where available upon request. Our nationwide personalized name coverage is over 77% on average.

If you are looking to reach everyone in your geographic market, our Residential Mailing List database will maximize direct mail exposure at the absolute lowest postal rate. Though our Consumer Mailing List product will reach most people, the Resident Occupant will reach all.

Donors Mailing List

Fundraising Contributors, Consumer, Political and Environmental Appeals

Christian Local's Donor and Contributor Database is an ever evolving database of people who’ve proven to give to a variety of appeals. Selectable by the type of affinity, our donor file contains names and addresses of people not found on many other contributor lists.

  • Charitable Causes
  • International Aid
  • Animal  Welfare
  • Political
  • Art or Cultural
  • Political - Conservative
  • Children's Causes
  • Political - Liberal
  • Environment or Wildlife
  • Religious Causes
  • Health
  • Veteran's Causes

Some of the more common affinities are donors who give to Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Children Appeals, Environmental, Political, Religious, Veteran’s and Health causes. Whether you manage a foundation with ongoing contribution campaigns, or are starting a fundraiser in your local community, talk to one of our list experts to evaluate the right list for you.

In addition to marketing to proven donors of one appeal or another, many non-profit marketers include additional filters to selecting potential givers. When developing your criteria set, consider elements such as age, income, net worth, geographic proximity, presence and age of children, multi-donor, size of donation, and political party affiliation.

Advanced Modeling
You may want to also consider our non-profit database analytics. If you have a database of proven contributors and would like to find more, consider one of our database modeling products. We would be happy to provide a no obligation account review with one of our analytics team members.

Religious Consumers List

Christian Local's Religious Consumers List is the largest faith based consumer file available. It offers direct mail advertisers the ability to target consumers by religious affinity. Our database of consumers by religious affinity is not only selectable by the religion of choice, but it has also been enhanced with demographic and psychographic elements to pinpoint the most responsive audience.

Advertising to people based on their religious affinity allows the marketer to tailor their mail piece to a common set of beliefs. It also allows church related marketers to cut costs by only presenting their offers to those most likely to respond and avoiding mailings to those who simply would not.


Consumer Append

Christian Local's Consumer Demographic Append services put demographic and interest data for your current marketing database at your fingertips. Knowing and understanding your current customer base is essential for future marketing campaigns and tactics. Our append services help you fill in valuable, missing information about your customer database and add personality to their record profile.

At Christian Local, we make database enhancement easy. Simply send us your database with complete postal address information of the customers you’d like to enhance, and we’ll return your database with the various elements appended to it.

Choose from a robust selection of enhancement categories to include:

  • Automobile Information
  • Realty Related Data
  • Property Information
  • Credit based Statistics
  • Household Composition
  • Geographic Data
  • Data Related to Children in Household
  • Interest Data
  • Investment Property Information
  • Past Buying Habits
  • Direct Response and Mail Order Data

For marketers looking to segment their current database for a more personalized approach, the append service can help add important targeting details your file that allow for maximized targeting options.